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Riding Dinner, the Viennese Original

How an idea became reality

Actually it all started with a beer or two...

After a positive tourism school graduation in Vienna, Marco Pollandt who was also born in Vienna began his career in Vienna's luxury restaurants.And as it happens among the restaurant staff from time to time, Marco was at a Viennese Würstelstand with one of his former co-workers for an after-work beer. There, the two observed how the Fiakers drove through the streets and they got into a conversation about the fact that it would be a great idea if you could eat and drink as comfortably as in a restaurant during a classic Fiaker ride.

This conversation was followed by a brainstorming...the brainstorming was followed by a concept that finally became reality in January 2017.

Today Marco Pollandt (picture on the left) is not only the founder and CEO of Riding Dinner but also a certified and enthusiastic carriage driver and founder of the initiative.

Our Philosophy

Whether you are Viennese / Austrian or just visiting the most beautiful city in the world, Riding Dinner’s purpose is to create the perfect all-round experience in Vienna. Of course this is reflected in our philosophy as well."Experience Vienna with all the senses..."-

it is our desire to unite the culinary arts, sights and Vienna's Fiaker tradition, to convey the cultural and traditional values of Vienna, and to create emotions and memories for a lifetime - or just to say it shortly: “To Experience Vienna with all senses!"

Marco Pollandt, CEO & Founder
Marco Pollandt, Founder of Riding Dinner

Here is

how it works

Personal butler service

Your Riding Dinner premium experience is accompanied by one of our butlers. Placed next to the coachman, he takes care of your well-being during your ride, serves food and drinks and provides entertainment with knowledge and stories about Vienna and the sights.

Vienna's finest food & delicacies

Depending on the experience, your butler will serve you a wide variety of typical Viennese dishes, delicacies and drinks directly into your culinary horse-carriage. All items and meals are prepared by traditional Viennese restaurants with the best quality.

Special table construction

The specially for the horse-carriage designed  table installation including elegant glass holders, makes it possible to eat and drink comfortably in this worldwide unique ambiance.


During your culinary horse-carriage city tour, we will show you the most famous sights of downtown Vienna. Experience Vienna from a completely incomparable perspective.

Every ride is unique

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Out of love for horses ...

Our team is always determined to meet or exceed your expectations. At the same time, we also want to let you feel a little bit of our enthusiasm and love for horses. After all, they are probably one of the most important parts of our team.The well-being of these animals is the more important to us. The principle in dealing with horses is trust, love and time. Our team maintains an intense bond with each and every animal.

Through the daily handling, the balanced and fulfilled life of horses, as well as the legal standards that are unique in the world, we can say: The work as a carriage horse and animal welfare are no contradiction. The Viennese Quality Fiakers are a living example of animal welfare. In order to provide you with a transparent insight into the everyday life and conditions of the Vienna Fiaker horses, we have founded the iniatitive


All of this you will experience during our  „Secrets of the Fiaker" Tour: Guided tour through the stables incl. horse-carriage ride and the daily morning routines of the horses.


“There is no trust in a horse that acts out of fear. There will always be something a horse fears... But if it trusts its coachman, it will ask him what to do if it is afraid. “

Antonie de Pluvinel
French Royal Horse and Driving Instructor, 1620