animal welfare for Vienna's horse drawn carriages
Secrets of the Fiaker

The full behind the scenes experience


Adults (from 16 years): € 29,50
Children (7-15 years): € 20,-
Infants (0-6 years): free

About the Tour

Where do the famous Fiakers come from and where do they go after their work is done? What does the coachman's workday look like? These and other questions will be answered for you with a guided stable tour including a carriage ride back to the city center of Vienna!

Service & Equipment


  • Tour through the stables
  • History of the Viennese Fiaker
  • Morning routine of the coachmen & horses
  • Animal welfare
  • Horse-carriage ride from the stables to the city center
  • "Behind the Scenes" impressions & background information

Food & Beverages

Important Information

Meeting point: Horse-stable, Rappachgasse 34a, 1110 Vienna

End: Inner city (Michaelerplatz or Stephansplatz), 1010 Vienna

Booking note: It could be possible that different households are seated in one carriage.



how it works

Personal butler service

Your Riding Dinner premium experience is accompanied by one of our butlers. Placed next to the coachman, he takes care of your well-being during your ride, serves food and drinks and provides entertainment with knowledge and stories about Vienna and the sights.

Vienna's finest food & delicacies

Depending on the experience, your butler will serve you a wide variety of typical Viennese dishes, delicacies and drinks directly into your culinary horse-carriage. All items and meals are prepared by traditional Viennese restaurants with the best quality.

Special table construction

The specially for the horse-carriage designed  table installation including elegant glass holders, makes it possible to eat and drink comfortably in this worldwide unique ambiance.


During your culinary horse-carriage city tour, we will show you the most famous sights of downtown Vienna. Experience Vienna from a completely incomparable perspective.

Where best quality comes first

Choosing our restaurant partners, we have especially looked for covering all the different facets of the Viennese cuisine. From small to large classics we can fulfill any wishes. Fromtraditional sandwiches, over Viennese restaurants all the way to typical Viennese coffee-house specialties you get to enjoy it all with us.

Thanks to our flexible partners and experience we can come up to your individual requests, and preferences, plus we are able to realize your fantasies. Also allergies or any dietary restrictions can be considered without limiting your experience – from gluten-free Schnitzel to vegan cake, we got it all.